Laundry Service

We offer a full laundry service including daily dry cleaning pick-up and return the next day. For those who want to do their own washing we have a coin operated laundry on the hotel premises.

Safe Deposit Boxes

The hotel offers safe deposit boxes to its short term patrons free of charge, however if you loose your key its close to the end of the world! Drilling out barrels by a team of ex- bank thieves then reinstalling a new one plus keys comes at a cost – 3000 baht to be exact! So we ask you for a deposit of 1000 baht at the time you take a box and refund you the money when you return to key. If you stay on we charge 100 baht per month. Remember your passport is your most important document when away from home and your money a close second so a safe box is a must for both.

Faxing, Copying, Printing, Phoning

Reception can handleall these. There is a cost for each based on each requirement. Internet connection 1 baht per minute or buy a voucher (60 min @60 baht)

Printing/copy per sheet 10 baht

Scan 10 baht per item

Fax is cost of call (see rate card)plus 10 baht per sheet


The hotel and the condo apartments have the one wifi internet throughout. This is user pay. Go to reception for your voucher. The service is reliable and speed good. There is 2 internet consoles at reception for you to use if you do not have a laptop.

  • 1 hour-60 baht. Use within 24 hours of your first login.
  • 5 hours-250 baht. Use within 3 days of your first login.
  • 7 days-550 baht. Unlimited hour usage.
  • 30 days-1,500 baht. Unlimited hour usage.

Get your internet card from Reception. Instructions for use are clearly presented on the reverse. Remember to log off to save your time.


Now this can be pot luck…we can arrange for you to go anywhere within reason and safely. Many taxis are a lottery in terms of having seat belts, working air con and alert, careful drivers. Be safe. We work with one company.


  • Car from Pattaya-Airport 1,400
  • Car from Pattaya-Bangkok 1,500
  • Van from Pattaya-Airport 2,100
  • Van from Pattaya-Bangkok 2,200
  • Car from Pattaya-Utapao 900

Other destinations please ask for price.